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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 1228 Rev A: SIDs and STARs non-JETs Limitation


All Garmin Integrated Flight Deck Systems, G500/G600, GPS 400W/GNC 420W/GNS 430W/GPS 500W/GNS 530W, and GTN 625/GTN 635/GTN 650/GTN 725/GTN 750 navigation systems are affected.


In some cases, published Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) and Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs) contain specific instructions within the Departure Route Description or arrival procedures that differ according to aircraft type, such as “JETS” or “ALL OTHERS.” In cases where more than one aircraft type-specific instruction is provided within the same procedure, only the “JETS” aircraft type-specific instructions are provided in the source data and encoded in the Navigation Database. Therefore, the navigation system will only provide guidance information according to the JETSspecific instructions. These instructions may differ significantly from departure or arrival instructions that are appropriate for your aircraft type and erroneously following the resulting guidance information may create a safety issue.


Always crosscheck the displayed route information with the published procedure prior to using any SID or STAR guidance information provided by the navigation system. Do not load a SID or STAR that contains JETS-specific instructions (or other procedures that are not applicable to your operation or ATC clearance) into navigation systems that are installed in non-jet aircraft.

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