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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 0811 Rev A: G1000/G900X/GPS 400W/GNC 420W/GNS 430W/GPS 500W/GNS 530W Flight Plan Sequencing Issue


All G1000/G900X WAAS and non-WAAS equipped aircraft with GDU software versions 7.00 to 9.01 and all GNS 400W/500W series units with main software versions prior to 3.20 are affected.


Do not manually activate a procedure turn leg in a flight plan (labeled “PROC. TURN” or “proc. turn” on the flight plan page).

Typical operation of these systems does not require manually activating a procedure turn leg.


Garmin has identified an issue where the G1000/G900X/GNS 400W Series/GNS 500W Series units may suspend automatic flight plan leg sequencing if all of the following conditions are met:

  • A VOR, VOR overlay, NDB, NDB overlay, ILS or TACAN approach with a procedure turn is loaded and active. 
  • Location of aircraft is outbound past the point where the procedure turn starts. 
  • The pilot manually reactivates the procedure turn leg. 

If the autopilot/flight director is coupled to the GPS it will stop flying the procedure turn and maneuver the aircraft to fly the outbound course going away from the FAF.

If the procedure is hand flown the system will activate the inbound course, however auto flight plan leg sequencing does not auto-sequence past the FAF.


Garmin will correct this issue in G1000/G900X GDU software version 9.02 and GNS 400W/500W series main software version 3.20.

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