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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 0801 Rev A: Supplemental Data Cards Should Not Be Used To Load Jeppesen NavData


All G1000 Integrated Flight Deck systems.


Some G1000 Pilot’s Guides suggest that Jeppesen NavData can be loaded onto Garmin supplemental data cards. Due to issues encountered with loading Jeppesen NavData database information onto Garmin 010-00330-41 or 010-00330-42 supplemental data cards, Garmin no longer recommends this procedure.

Loading Jeppesen Chartview data onto these supplemental data cards remains acceptable.


Load the Jeppesen NavData database information only onto blank SD cards for transferring data to GDU’s.

Garmin is in the process of removing the statement that suggests loading NavData onto supplemental data cards from all G1000 Pilot’s Guide documents.

Garmin recommends the use of SanDisk SD cards to load Jeppesen data. If loading problems occur when using another brand of card, replace the card with a SanDisk card and reattempt the load.

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