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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 050721-00 Rev A: Direct-To Waypoint Selection


  • GNS 430/GNC 420/GPS 400 Main S/W versions 2.08 through 5.00
  • All GNS 530/GPS 500 Main S/W versions through 6.00
  • All G1000 GDU S/W versions through 5.00


In certain limited circumstances, conflicting navigation information can be provided when a selected ‘Direct-to’ waypoint is also a waypoint in a loaded terminal/approach procedure.


This issue concerns only ‘Direct-to’ navigation to a waypoint that is already part of the loaded or active terminal/approach procedure. In this specific situation, the following applies:

  • The ‘Direct-to’ waypoint must be selected only by highlighting that waypoint in the flight plan and pressing the ‘Direct-to’ key. Do not use any other method of entering the ‘Direct-to’ waypoint.


This issue will be resolved with the update of the system software as follows:

  • GNS 430/GNC 420/GPS 400 Main S/W version 5.01
  • All GNS 530/GPS 500 Main S/W version 6.01
  • All G1000 GDU S/W version 5.01

Download 050721_00