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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Alert 050602-00 Rev A: 500 Series TAWS Navigation Alert


GPS 500 TAWS, GNS 530 TAWS, and GNS 530A TAWS units with Terrain Database Version 2.01


Garmin has identified a condition in Version 2.01 of the Terrain Database that can result in nuisance terrain alerts in parts of Canada and Mexico in the 500 Series TAWS products. The potential nuisance terrain alerts are associated with the TAWS FLTA (Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance) and PDA (Premature Decent Alert) alerting functions and are a result of the terrain database representing terrain elevations higher than the actual elevations in portions of the indicated regions. The affected regions of Canada and Mexico are depicted on the map provided on Page 2. All airspace within the United States and elsewhere remains unaffected.


It is the flight crew's responsibility to adhere to minimum operating altitudes and comply with applicable operating regulations. If nuisance terrain alerts are encountered, the flight crew may inhibit the TAWS FLTA and PDA alerting functions per the guidance in the AFMS and Pilot's Guide. It is important to maintain compliance with minimum operating altitudes and operating regulations.

Additional Information:

  • The Terrain Database version is displayed on the AUX2 page under the "Terrain Database Versions" option in 500 Series TAWS units.
  • The TAWS FLTA and PDA alerting functionality may be inhibited by pressing the <MENU> button from the TAWS page and selecting the "Inhibit Terrain?" then press the <ENTER> key to accept. The same method may be employed to re-enable the TAWS functionality.


Version 2.02 of the Terrain Database will correct this condition and is expected to be available June 30, 2005. Please contact your nearest Garmin avionics dealer or Garmin directly at 800-800-1020 to obtain a replacement TAWS/TERRAIN Data Card. Order Garmin P/N 010-10201-20 (which contains Garmin P/N 011-00460-10 datacard) EFF 06/2005. There is no charge for this replacement Data Card.

Download 050602