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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 2157 Rev C: ADS-B, ADS-R, and TIS-B Traffic Accuracy


Updated Products Affected and Resolution


011-04333-00 GTX 345D and 011-04334-00 GTX 345DR units (with ADS-B software versions 3.00 through 3.13, 3.15 through 3.21, and 3.30) interfaced to all non-Garmin GPS sources, or interfaced to any Garmin GPS sources listed in Table 1 (see attached Service Advisory below) are affected. The 011-04378-00 GNX 375 (with main software versions 2.00 through 3.10) is also affected.

If integrated with an active traffic system, the active traffic targets processed through the GTX 345’s traffic processing are not affected by this issue and will continue to appear and alert properly.


ADS-B, ADS-R, and TIS-B targets may be inaccurate or not show on the display.


Disable ADS-B In traffic processing by setting the GTX 345/GNX 375 ADS state to OFF from the integrated traffic display system after each GTX/GNX power cycle.


For GTX 345D/DR products, this has been fixed in GTX 3X5(R) ADS-B software version 3.22. Refer to Garmin STC Service Bulletin 2175.
For GTX 345DR products, this has also been fixed in GTX 345DR ADS-B software version 3.31. Refer to Garmin TSO Service Bulletin 2189.
For GNX 375 products, this has been fixed in GNX 375 main software version 3.11. Refer to Garmin STC Service Bulletin 2180.

Service Advisory 2157 Rev C