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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 2147: Occasional blanking of the map when receiving FIS-B NEXRAD data


The following G1000 systems are affected:

  • G1000 systems with GDU 12.00-15.xx software interfaced to a GTX 345(R)/GDL 90 FIS-B data
  • G1000 systems with GDU 12.00-14.xx software interfaced to a GDL 88 FIS-B data


In some cases, when the system is receiving large amounts of FIS-B NEXRAD data, the display map will blank/flash. Some CAS messages also flash, annunciating a momentary loss of input from other units and systems.

This occurs regardless of whether FIS-B NEXRAD data is being displayed on the map or not.

This issue is more likely to occur in Alaska, since the amount of data received has increased due to the increase in “look ahead” range in Alaska. This issue will happen every time an update to the NEXRAD data is received which is approximately every 2 minutes.


Disable FIS-B data when operating in regions where the system regularly receives large amounts of FIS-B NEXRAD data.


This issue will be addressed in a future hardware and/or software update.

Service Advisory 2147 Rev A