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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 2112 Rev B: QWERTY and ABC Keyboards


Updated Resolution


GTN 6XX Xi products with main software version 20.11 that are configured for QWERTY or ABC keyboards are affected.

The keyboard can be configured to QWERTY, ABC, or Slider from the Home page (System > Setup > Keyboard).


When using the knob to navigate pages, the right side of the QWERTY and ABC keyboards used for waypoint entry (Direct-To or flight plan page) may be clipped, preventing access to the right side of the keyboard and the enter key.


For users who want to use the knob for page navigation, configure the keyboard to the Slider style keyboard.

For users who want to use the QWERTY or ABC keyboards, do not use the knob for page navigation. Configure the knob control default to COM Radio (System > Setup > COM/NAV).


This issue has been corrected in GTN Xi Series Main Software Version 20.12.

Service Advisory 2112 Rev B