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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 21115 Rev B: GMA 340 End of Service Life


Clarified Product Availability


Garmin GMA 340 units are affected.


Repair services and exchanges are discontinued for the 011-00401-00 GMA 340 effective immediately.

Although parts are limited, repair services for the 011-00401-01, 011-00401-10, and 011-00401-20 will remain until parts are depleted. There are no exchanges available for these part numbers in the Americas, however (at the time of this publication) EMEA and APAC dealers will continue to offer exchanges for these part numbers until parts are depleted.

All GMA 340 service parts previously listed in the Service Parts Price List are no longer available.

We sincerely regret discontinuing service or support on any Garmin product. However, a number of components required for the manufacture and/or repair of essential subassemblies within the affected products are no longer available.

Please visit for your product replacement needs.

Service Advisory 21115 Rev B