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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 2053: FAA Data Comm Operation


G1000, G2000, G3000, and G5000 systems with either Garmin’s FAA Data Comm option or FANS 1/A+ option operating in the United States are affected.


To use the FAA’s Data Comm system the operator must define the equipment’s capability in the flight plan. In addition to the equipment codes which must be entered in field 10, the Data Comm system requires additional information in the form of a DAT/ code in field 18 of the flight plan. This DAT/ code informs ATC how to format certain data in their CPDLC uplinks.

Refer to the following table when selecting the DAT/code based on the capability of the GDU software version.

GDU Software Version – DAT/Filing Code
20.51 – 20.XX — FANSE
21.00 – 21.10 — FANSER
21.15 – 21.XX — FANSE
>31.00 — FANSE

Selecting FANSE will inform ATC to imbed the procedure in the route clearance message.

Selecting FANSER will require the manual input of STARs with non-published transitions. This will inform ATC to send the procedure as a free text CPDLC message. The en route portion of the route clearance will be sent as a separate CPDLC message with the en route waypoints embedded to allow for automatic import into the FMS.

Service Advisory 2053 Rev A