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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 20114: FIS-B NOTAMs


GI 275 products with software versions 2.10 and 2.11 are affected.


FIS-B NOTAMs do not appear on the weather page.


Always refer to current aeronautical charts and NOTAMs for verification of displayed aeronautical information. Displayed aeronautical data may not incorporate the latest NOTAM information.

Information obtained solely through FIS-B does not replace a thorough preflight briefing. NOTAMs received via FIS-B uplink may not be a complete listing. Active NOTAMs are removed from the FIS-B data stream 30 days after issuance. FIS-B uplink is not an FAA approved source for NOTAMs.


This will be fixed in a future software release.

Service Advisory 20114 Rev A