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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 19104: Jeppesen Trip Kit – Jeppesen Electronic Charts


G2000/G3000/G5000 Garmin integrated flight decks with GDU/GTC Software Version earlier than 20.00, using Jeppesen Electronic Charts (ChartView) as part of a Trip Kit are affected.


The GDU will not load the Jeppesen Trip Kit chart database if it is loaded to the system that already has an active Jeppesen Electronic Charts (ChartView) with the same cycle number.


To load a Jeppesen Electronic Charts (ChartView) database as part of a Trip Kit to a system with an active ChartView database with the same cycle number, an expired ChartView database will need to be loaded first.  See instructions below.

  1. When ChartView database expires, set database cards aside.
  2. Purchase new database cards to be used for current ChartView database.
  3. Load the expired ChartView database from Step 1.
  4. Load the Jeppesen Trip Kit chart database.
  5. Keep database cards from Step 1 for future use.


This issue is fixed in GDU/GTC software versions 20.00 and later.

Service Advisory 19104 Rev A