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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1865: Display of Information for Facilities Using 8.33 kHz COM Frequencies


All Garmin aviation systems using a Garmin Navigation or Jeppesen NavData database are affected by this advisory.


The mandate for COM devices to be 8.33 kHz equipped in Europe has recently become effective. Many Garmin avionics pre-date the concept of 8.33 kHz frequencies and therefore older unit software versions do not provide information for facilities using 8.33 kHz spacing from the navigation database.


No action is necessary. This advisory is intended for informational purposes only. Affected owners may contact their dealer or OEM to determine if updated unit software is available.


Some systems have upgrades available which allow display of information for facilities using 8.33 kHz frequencies. The systems which can display this information are listed in Table 1 (see Service Advisory 1865).

Lack of 8.33 kHz frequency information in the database does not prevent the radio from being tuned to the desired frequency.

Service Advisory 1865