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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1846: Worldwide Navigation Database


Systems listed below that are using the Worldwide Navigation Database are affected:


Systems that are not using the Worldwide Navigation Database and are using a regionalized version of the navigation database (Americas, USA, Europe, International, etc.) are not affected.

  • Garmin G900X, G950, G1000, Cirrus PerspectiveTM, and Embraer ProdigyTM Integrated Avionics Systems with GDU software versions 15.09 and earlier.
  • Garmin G2000, G3000, G5000, and Embraer Prodigy Touch Integrated Avionics Systems with GDU software version 6.49 and earlier.
  • Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX with system software version 6.19 and earlier.
  • Garmin G500/G600/G500H with GDU software version 7.09 and earlier.
  • All GNS 400W/500W systems.


The number of approaches and volume of data in the Worldwide Navigation Database will soon exceed the limits of the database.


Beginning with Cycle 1810 (effective September 13, 2018):

Garmin will begin restricting the number of airports included in the Worldwide Navigation Database, based on the length of the longest runway. Heliports and Airports that do not contain a runway of greater than 5000 feet will be excluded from the Worldwide Navigation Database. All associated data with excluded airports (communication frequencies, approaches, runways, etc.) will also be excluded.

Beginning with Cycle 1910 (effective September 12, 2019):

Garmin will discontinue the Worldwide Navigation Database for the affected products listed above. Other regionalized versions of the navigation database will remain available and will have no restriction on airports within the coverage area.

Service Advisory 1846