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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1539: GDU 620 Software Version 7.00, Stormscope® CELL/STRIKE Softkey Reversal

 G500 and G600 Series products using GDU 620 main software version 7.00.

 The Stormscope® CELL/STRIKE soft keys and mode annunciations are reversed: 

  • Pressing the CELL softkey will annunciate CELL, however WX-500 Strike data, rate and icons, are shown.
  • Pressing the STRIKE softkey will annunciate STRIKE, however WX-500 Cell data, rate and icons, are shown.

 Press the STRIKE soft key to display the WX-500 Cell data.  Press the CELL soft key to display the WX 500 Strike data.  Refer to the L-3 Communications User’s Guide for the Stormscope® Model WX-500, for more information about the STRIKE and CELL modes.

Download 1539A