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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1523: GIA Cooling System Message

 G900X, G950, G1000(H), G2000, G3000, G5000, Cirrus Perspective, Embraer Prodigy, and Embraer Prodigy Touch systems with GIA main software version 7.60 and prior (except software version 7.55) are affected.

 On rare occasions the GIA may not read a valid internal temperature upon initial startup, resulting in the presence of the “GIAx COOLING – GIAx temperature too low.” system message.


Presence of the “GIAx COOLING – GIAx temperature too low.” system message at startup is normal when the ambient air temperature around the GIA is below -55°C.

 The presence of this message does not affect the functionality of the system and may be ignored.  The system message will typically clear after the next normal power cycle.  If temperature is too low, allow units to warm up to operating temperature.

Download 1523A