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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1506 Rev B: Spare Supplemental Data Cards


Removed 010-01431-00


All G5000, G5000H, G3000, G2000, G1000, G1000H, G950, G900X, G600, G500, G500H, and GTN 650/750 Series products are affected.


Due to variability in the specification and build quality of commercially available data cards, some data cards may not be compatible or approved for use with your Garmin system. To ensure availability of data cards that are both compatible and authorized under Garmin TSOs, Garmin now offers blank replacement cards for your avionics. These blank cards do not contain any pre-loaded aviation databases, and are intended for operators who have already purchased databases from the flyGarmin website. Databases for Garmin avionics can be purchased directly from Blank replacement cards are available through authorized Garmin Aviation Dealers and Service Centers.

Please review the tables in the attached Service Advisory for part number information.

Service Advisory 1506 Rev B