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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1473: Range on Traffic Display for No-Bearing Traffic Advisory (TA) and No-Bearing Resolution Advisory (RA) May Not Update

 GTN 6xx/7xx (software v2.00 through v5.12) and all G2000/G3000/G5000 (software v4.xx and prior) with an installed traffic system

 The range on the traffic display for a no-bearing alert may not update.  This issue is only applicable to no-bearing TA and no-bearing RA alerts on the traffic display.  As the position of the target moves relative to the ownship, the range displayed in the no-bearing alert remains fixed.  Note that a change in the relative altitude between ownship and target may cause the range to update.

 If a no-bearing TA or no-bearing RA is shown on the traffic display, the pilot should be aware that the actual range to the target may be different than displayed.

Download 1473A