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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1449: Unexpected flight path when sequencing to some vectors transition approaches

All G1000/G950/G900X/Embraer Prodigy/Cirrus Perspective (with GDU software Version 11.10 and later) and all G2000/G3000/G5000 Integrated Avionics Systems

Under certain conditions, the FMS may incorrectly calculate, and in some cases display a course from the last waypoint in a flight plan to the final approach course of a procedure loaded with a vectors transition.  This can cause the AFCS, if coupled, to command a turn in the opposite direction from the desired course upon sequencing to the vectors leg of the procedure.

Always select HDG Mode prior to reaching the end of the final leg of a flight plan prior to an approach
procedure when an approach with a vectors transition is loaded.

Download 1449A