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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1421: G600 Outside Air Temperature (OAT) Display

SYSTEM: G600 systems installed in TBM 700/850 aircraft.

Garmin has received reports of confusion regarding which of the two temperature values – Indicated Outside Air Temperature (IOAT) or Static Air Temperature (SAT) – listed in the TBM 700/850 Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) correlates to the temperature displayed by the G600. The G600 displays temperature in a field labeled “OAT” and is equivalent to SAT values listed in the TBM 700/850 POH.

Use the OAT value from the G600 PFD to correspond with SAT values in the TBM 700/850 POH. Refer to the G600 Pilot’s Guide, Section 2.8.2, for more information regarding the G600 temperature display.

The ability to display different types of air temperature values (e.g. SAT, ISA, TAT) is planned in a future GDU 620 software release.

Download 1421A