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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Service Advisory 1363 Rev A: User-modified terminal procedure stored in a Flight Plan may cause error condition


This issue affects all G1000, Cirrus Perspective®, Embraer Prodigy™, G950, G900X, G2000, G3000, and G5000 Integrated Avionics Systems, GTN 625, GTN 635, GTN 650, GTN 725, GTN 750, GPS 400W, GNC 420W, GNS 430W, GPS 500W, and GNS 530W series navigation systems.


In some cases, a user-modified published procedure saved by the operator as part of a stored flight plan
can be corrupted after the Navigation Database is updated. Activating this corrupted flight plan can cause intermittent recurring “red-x’s” to appear on the displays and/or intermittent recurring loss of displayed navigation data.


Never modify or delete waypoints within a published procedure and then save the procedure as part of a stored flight plan for later use. Additionally, the crew should ensure that any saved flight plans that contain an instrument approach procedure from the database that has been modified are deleted.

If corruption of an active stored flight plan is suspected, activate a Direct-to flight plan to any point that is
not a waypoint in the affected flight plan. Next, delete the affected stored flight plan. The same flight plan
may be recreated and flown. If the flight plan meets the criteria above, do not store the flight plan for later


This issue will be resolved in future software releases.

Download 1363