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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Modification of GEA 24 Resistive Fuel Probe Interface – G3X


All aircraft modified with G3X Touch AML STC SA01899WI, MDL Revision 9 or earlier, with an interface to resistive fuel quantity probes are affected.

Aircraft that are not affected:

  • Aircraft modified in accordance with G3X Touch STC SA01899WI, MDL Revision 10 or later
  • Aircraft without fuel quantity gauges displayed on the G3X Touch
  • Aircraft without a resistive probe interface (e.g. all CiES probes or Signal Conditioners)


FAA STC SA01899WI MDL Revision 10


Mandatory: This STC Service Bulletin must be incorporated within the next 100 hours time-in-service (TIS) after April 23, 2021 or within 12 calendar months after April 23, 2021, whichever occurs first.


The G3X Touch fuel quantity gauges may provide erroneous indications when (1) interfaced to resistive fuel probes and (2) the GEA 24 is subject to significantly hotter or colder temperatures than the temperature at which the fuel gauges were calibrated during installation.

This fixes the issue described in Garmin Service Alert 20137.

ASDN Service Bulletin 2134 Rev A