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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GTX 3X5(R) Series Software Upgrade to Main Software Version 2.05 and ADS-B Software Version 2.05

 All GTX 3X5(R) series products – interfaced to a 3rd-party transponder controller, interfaced to an external AHRS, or installed in rotorcraft – are affected.



 GTX 3X5(R) Series main software version 2.05 includes the following changes:

  • Fixed issues with GPS altitude used for rotorcraft air/ground logic
  • Field enabled feature for 3rd party transponder control
  • Fixed bugs in TIS-A functionality
  • Added configuration setting to allow the message alert (MSG) to not flash if desired
  • Removed extraneous alerts for GPS Fault and GPS Keep Alive

 GTX 3X5(R) Series ADS-B software version 2.05 includes the following changes:

  • Improved update rate of external AHRS output over Bluetooth
  • Added Optimized Legacy ADS-B format for 3rd party displays

Download 1653A_ASDN