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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GTX 345R installation in G950/G1000 equipped PA-46 aircraft

 GTX 345R transponders installed in G950 equipped (Cutter) PA-46 and G1000 equipped PA-46-350P, PA-46R-350T (Phase I and II) aircraft with GDU software versions ranging between 12.XX and 14.XX are affected.

 STC SA01714WI

 Mandatory: STC Service Bulletin 1641 must be accomplished within the next 5 hours of operation.

 The GTX 345R transponder installation uses the GTX 3X5 G1000 Interface Card 4, v2494.00, P/N: 006-B2494-00 to configure the GIA 1 and GIA 2.

 These discrete outputs are incorrectly configured to do the following:

  • ALERT DSCRT 1 – ALERT DSCRT 1 activates the TRIM-in-motion indicator when there is a TAWS alert.  It will not annunciate actual trim in motion.
  • OVERSPEED WARN – OVERSPEED WARN activates the OVERSPEED Horn when there is a TAWS alert.  It will not provide an aural alert in an actual overspeed.
  • FUEL RETURN – FUEL RETURN activates the Low Fuel Temperature indication when the aircraft is airborne.  It will not annunciate if fuel temperature is ≤ -10°F.

 Refer to Table 1 (see linked notification below) for a list of the affected aircraft models.

Download 1641A_ASDN