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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GTS 8X0 Software Version 4.12 for Non-GX000 Integrated Flight Deck Installation Only


All GTS 8X0 (GTS 800/GTS 820/GTS 850) units with software version 4.10 (or earlier) and interfaced to a GTN 6XX/7XX, GNS 4XX(W)/5XX(W), GNS 480, G500, G500H, G600, GMX 200, MX20, or other 3rd party flight display system are affected by this bulletin.

The current GTS 8X0 software version can be viewed by using the GTS 8X0 Install Tool (refer to the Modification Instructions section of this bulletin), on the software label adjacent to the GTS 8X0 serial number tag (for installations unable to electronically display the software part number), or on the display for those units interfaced through HSDB (e.g. GTN 6XX/7XX, G500, G500H, and G600).


TSO Authorization


Optional – Service Bulletin 1853 may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


GTS 8X0 software version 4.12 includes the following enhancements:

  • Fixes an issue related to ADS-B In surface traffic targets between 0 and -90 degrees longitude. Previously, the targets would not be displayed (brown chevrons).
  • Improves extrapolation of target positions in systems connected to HSDB displays.
  • Allows for quicker detection of invalid own ship GPS data.
  • Allows ADS-B In traffic to be displayed during the following faults since they are not critical to ADS-B In processing:

o Barometric Altitude fault
o TCAS Equipage fault

This functionality requires the GTS configuration item “Allow ADS-B in Standby” to be enabled.

  • Improves the startup speed of the ADS-B In SURF application.
  • Allows ADS-B In processing to automatically turn on eight seconds after GTS powers on or after own ship transitions from on-ground to airborne.

This functionality requires the GTS configuration item “Allow ADS-B in Standby” to be enabled.

  • Automatically logs calibration diagnostic data during a self-test to the assert log.
  • Removes the Radio Altitude fault.

ASDN Service Bulletin 1853