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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GTN Xi Main Software Version 20.20 and GPS Software Version 8.2


GTN Xi systems installed under the GTN 6XX/7XX Part 23 AML FAA STC SA02019SE-D are affected.




Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


This STC Service Bulletin provides notification of the FAA STC SA02019SE-D Master Drawing List GTN 6XX/ 7XX Part 23 AML STC, 005-00533-C0 Rev. 32 for the following:

GTN Xi Main Software Version 20.20:

  • Added Smart Glide, a safety-enhancing feature that reduces pilot workload in the event of loss of engine power.

The Smart Glide feature is compatible with the following Garmin LRUs:

    • G500 TXi/G600 TXi/G700 TXi (v3.30)
    • GI 275/GFC 500 (v2.40)
    • GFC 600 (v2.80)

This feature requires settings to be entered in configuration mode: GTN Setup > Navigation Features > Smart Glide Settings. This settings page has replaced “Glide Range Ring Settings” in previous versions of software. Glide Range Ring may be enabled without Smart Glide.

  • Improved database acknowledgment process in installations with multiple GTN Xi / G500(H)/ G600/G700 TXi (sw v.3.30) LRUs. GTN #1 analyzes all databases from the other LRUs and provides a single point for acknowledgment when all are valid and current.

The other LRUs only stop for database confirmation if a problem exists that the pilot needs to acknowledge. The acknowledgment process for single GTN Xi installations remains the same.

SD cards containing databases should be removed from the second GTN Xi series navigator and/or GDU TXi unit(s). If SD cards are desired to be retained, databases must be erased from the SD cards.

  • Added option to allow the Instrument Self-test page to be bypassed at startup for cockpits where it is not needed.

This setting can be enabled in configuration mode: GTN Setup > Main System >
Self-test Page.

  • Fixed an issue with GMA Recorder playback volume not retaining value set by pilot during flight.
  • Changed label of “Enable ES” button on transponder menu to “ADS-B Out” to better reflect functionality.

When “ADS-B Out“ is enabled, shown by green bar, the unit commands the transponder to send ADS-B out data.

Additionally, the GPS/WAAS software is updating to 8.2 to address the MSAS range rate corrections issue identified in Garmin Service Advisory 20109 and restores MSAS to the set of allowed SBAS service providers.

If MSAS was disabled by the user under Garmin Service Advisory 20109, it will need to be enabled after installing GPS/WAAS software v8.2. Refer to the applicable pilot’s guide for instruction on how to enable MSAS.

ASDN Service Bulletin 2171 Rev B