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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GTN 6XX/7XX Software Upgrade to Main Software Version 6.21, Touch Software Version 2.10, WAAS Software Version 5.2 and GMA 35 Audio Software Version 4.20A/4.21C

 The following units are affected: GTN625, GTN635, GTN650, GTN725, GTN750, GMA35, and GMA35c

 TSO Authorization


 GTN 6XX/7XX Main Software Version 6.21, Touch Software Version 2.10, and WAAS Software Version 5.2 contain the following changes from Main Software Version 6.11, Touch Software Version 2.0, and WAAS Software Version 5.0:

  • Changed to a new Navigation database format that includes support for Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) in some regions. All cataloged flight plans will need to be previewed and approved before activation following the software update.

Following the software update, it will be required to update the Navigation database.

  • Added support for Flight Stream 510 including Database Concierge wireless database updates, flight plan transfers, and weather and traffic forwarding.
  • Added support for database SYNC for transferring databases between Garmin displays. Database SYNC also supports streaming charts to another Garmin display before the entire database has transferred.

Chart streaming must be enabled on the System Setup page. Database SYNC must be configured as enabled on the GTN and capability must be enabled for the aircraft on

  • Enabled COM and NAV radio controls, GDL 88 control panel, audio panel controls, and transponder controls earlier following the initial “Garmin” splash screen instead of after database verification.
  • Added support for pinch-to-zoom on map pages.
  • Added support for new Telligence™ Voice Commands with a GMA 35/35c or GMA 350/350c.

Refer to the GTN 6XX/7XX Telligence Voice Command Guide, P/N 190-01007-50, for more information. Telligence Voice Command requires a push-to-command switch to be wired for the pilot and (optionally) copilot and the feature must be enabled on the Audio configuration page.

  • Added support for controlling text and voice services enabled by a GSR 56 datalink from Garmin Pilot using a Flight Stream 510 (software version 2.10 or later) or Flight Stream 210 (software version 2.50 or later).

The GSR 56 does not need to be connected to the Flight Stream 210 for this functionality as the GTN will forward the data between the GSR 56 and the Flight Stream.

  • Added support for selecting SafeTaxi Hot Spots the main map page. Once selected, touch the Hot Spot Info button to view more information.
  • Added controls for clearing the flight plan catalog of all flight plans or flight plans pending preview.
  • Added controls for deleting all user waypoints.
  • Added support for displaying a track vector on the main map depicting the current GPS track and groundspeed.
  • Improved touch screen performance.
  • Added Advanced COM RX Squelch configuration to allow the COM radio sensitivity settings to be adjusted independently for low, mid, and high frequencies in both 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing modes.
  • Added “Internal” COM sidetone configuration to improve the audio quality of the COM sidetone.
  • Fixed issue where the GTN would provide an incorrect message regarding the HSI course setting.

GMA 35 Software contains the following changes:

  • Expanded Telligence™ Voice Command features.
  • Added support for Bluetooth® audio to be used with phone/tablet applications such as Siri on Apple devices and the Google app on AndroidTM devices (GMA 35c).
  • Improved robustness of Bluetooth music streaming (GMA 35c)
  • Reduced start-up time.

Download 1655A_ASDN