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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GPS 175/GNX 375/GNC 355 Main Software Version 3.03


All GNX 375 products listed below with Main Software Version 3.02 and earlier are affected. All GPS 175 and GNC 355 products interfaced to ADS-B In systems (e.g. GTX 345 and GDL 88) listed below with Main Software version 3.02 and earlier are also affected.

Model Appliance — P/N
GPS 175 — 011-04377-00
GNX 375 — 011-04378-00
GNC 355 — 011-04956-00
GNC 355A — 011-04956-30


TSO Authorization


Recommended: Garmin recommends the incorporation of this service bulletin at the next scheduled service interval.


GPS 175/GNX 375/GNC 355 Main Software Version 3.03 contains the following changes:

  • (GNX 375) Fixes an issue where some traffic targets may be missed when over 200 targets are in range
  • (GPS 175/GNX 375/GNC 355) Fixes an issue where prioritization of selected traffic over non-selected traffic was not occurring. This could result in removal of selected traffic, if 60 or more other aircraft are closer than selected traffic.

ASDN Service Bulletin 1982 Rev A