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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GPS 175/GNC 355/GNX 375 main software version 3.03 for Part 23 AML STC SA02636SE Part 23 Aircraft


GPS 175, GNX 375, GNC 355, or GNC 355A products installed under the Part 23 AML STC SA02636SE are affected.




Recommended: Garmin recommends the incorporation of this service bulletin at the next scheduled service interval.


MDL revision 6 includes the following changes:

  • Added the G5 (GAD 29) as an approved altitude source for the GNX 375 to the STC.
  • Updated the GPS 175/GNC 355/GNX 375 to main software version 3.03. Changes in software version 3.03 that affect the GPS 175/GNC 355/GNX 375 are:
    • (GNX 375) Fixes an issue where some traffic targets may be missed when over 200 targets are in range
    • (GPS 175/GNX 375/GNC 355) Fixes an issue where prioritization of selected traffic over non-selected traffic was not occurring. This could result in removal of selected traffic, if 60 or more other aircraft are closer than selected traffic.
  • Clarified AFMS completion instructions.
    Clarified installation instructions for aircraft without an avionics bus.

ASDN Service Bulletin 1983 Rev A