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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GI 275 Multi-function Instrument Software Version 2.40


GI 275 Multi-function Instrument systems installed under the GI 275 Part 23 AML STC SA02658SE are affected.


STC SA02658SE MDL Revision 12


Optional: This Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion.


This STC Service Bulletin provides notification of STC SA02658SE Master Drawing List revision 12 update.

This update includes GI 275 Multi-function Instrument Software Version 2.40:

  • GI 275 EIS design improvements for optimal gauge layout and pages usage:
    • Improved gauge text and readability with new layout and CHT/EGT combined graph
    • Improved alert acknowledgment and page changes with touchscreen navigation between certain pages
    • Improved Lean Assist with and without fuel flow as well as adds TIT and Primary EGT Lean capabilities
    • Added Normalized CHT/EGT gauge layout mode
    • Added new Flight Summary page for real time EIS summary information
    • Added customizable fields to the AUX page
    • Added ‘F’ Front and ‘R’ Rear side text to EIS for centerline thrust aircraft
    • Added GTP 59 OAT interface to GEA 24/GEA 110
  • Improved EIS flight data streaming to GTN series with Flight Stream (FS510)
  • Added the ability to accept GFC 500 AFCS acknowledgment from G500 TXi series displays
  • Added the ability to clear GFC 500 servo faults
  • Approved GEA 24 Software Version 3.80

ASDN Service Bulletin 2169 Rev A