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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GI 275 Multi-function Instrument Software Version 2.32


GI 275 Multi-function Instrument systems installed under the GI 275 Part 23 AML STC SA02658SE are affected.


STC SA02658SE MDL Revision 11


Recommended: Compliance with this service bulletin is recommended for all HSI installations that are interfaced to a Garmin GTN or GNS navigator.


This STC Service Bulletin provides notification of STC SA02658SE Master Drawing List revision 11 update.

This update includes GI 275 Multi-function Instrument Software Version 2.32:

  • New GSB 15 USB Type-C variants for installation and interface with the GI 275
  • New Mode 3 Transponder Control page for MFD and Standby ADI/MFD units interfaced with a GTX 345/345R
  • New ARINC 429 interface with the GDU 620 to provide flight director and autopilot modes when the GI 275 is interfaced to the GFC 500
  • Approved a discrete switch input for the GPSS/HDG and made the touch button more accessible
  • Removed the internal battery requirement on GI 275 -10 and -20 ADI units
  • Approved third party analog and composite navigator interfaces with the GI 275 ADI
  • Removed the displayed distance value on the HSI when an ILS is tuned and a GPS flight plan is loaded (described in Garmin Service Advisory 20132)

ASDN Service Bulletin 2145 Rev A