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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GEA 7100 Software Version 2.35 for G5000-Equipped Beechcraft Model 400A

All G5000-equipped Beechcraft Model 400A aircraft with System Software Version 2091.02 AND GEA 7100 Software Version 2.30 are affected.

Do the following to identify the current G5000 system software version and GEA 7100 software version.

  1. Energize the MFD in normal mode.
  2. Look at the upper right-hand corner of the MFD power-up screen under “Beechjet 400A” for the System Software Version (e.g. 2091.02).
  3. Make sure the System Software Version is 2091.02.
  4. Select Home on GTC1.
  5. Select Utilities.
  6. Select Setup.
  7. Select Avionics Status.
  8. Use the Down button to scroll down until GEA1 and GEA2 are shown.
  9. Make sure GEA Software Version is 2.30.

STC #ST01821WI MDL Revision 8


An erroneous Analog In overvoltage detection can trigger the GEA NEEDS SERVICE system message to appear.