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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GDL 84/88 Software Upgrade to System Software Version 3.33

 All GDL84/GDL88 units interfaced to a GTN 6XX/7XX, GNS 4XXW/5XXW, GNS 480, GMX 200/MX20, G500, G600, or other 3rd party flight display system are affected.

 GDL 88 units interfaced to a G1000 with GDU software versions 14.XX and earlier are also affected.

 TSO Authorization


 GDL 84/88 System Software Version 3.33 contains the following changes from Version 3.32:

  • Added a new interface for third party avionics display integration
  • Improved handling of heading data, track data, and target depiction for G1000 installations that use the ADS-B In Legacy Traffic w/Alt interface

This change makes sure ADS-B traffic on G1000 displays is depicted at the correct bearing, orientation, and distance.

  • Improved ADS-B In traffic prioritization to prioritize in-air targets when not in SURF mode
  • Improved ADS-B In own-ship “shadow” detection of TIS-B targets to reduce occurrences of traffic alerts caused by ownship
  • Corrected transmitted ADS-B Out NICbaro value for installations with a GX000 or GDU 620 and GTN

Download 1623A_ASDN