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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

GDL 69/69(A)(H) SXM Upgrade to Software Version 5.10 for Non-GX000 Integrated Flight Deck Installations Only per Service Bulletin 1573

 GDL 69 SXM (Garmin P/N 011-03177-00), GDL 69A SXM (Garmin P/N 011-03177-10), GDL 69H SXM (Garmin P/N 011-03177-20), and GDL 69AH SXM (Garmin P/N 011-03177-30) units with software version 5.01 that are not installed as part of a GX000 Integrated Flight Deck System.

 This Service Bulletin incorporates new unit Software Version 5.10 for GDL 69/69A SXM units.
 Software Version 5.10 incorporates the following upgrades (see SB 1573 for complete list):

  • Added support for CONUS composite NEXRAD for all subscriptions
  • Added time stamp for SIGMET and Cyclone packages, even when there are no SIGMETS or Cyclones present
  • Corrected a discrepancy which prevented the muting of audio
  • Corrected discrepancies between visual and textual METARS
  • Corrected a discrepancy that led to intermittent failure of the GDL 69 SXM when connected to the G1000


GDL 69/69A Software Version 5.00 defaulted NEXRAD to a BASE product. Software Version 5.10 will default NEXRAD to a COMPOSITE (same as the legacy GDL 69) product.

 Details are in the attached Aviation Service Document Notification.


  Download 1573A_ASDN