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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

G500H System, New interfaces and upgrades provided by GDU 620 Software Version 7.01

 STC SR02295LA


 G500H systems installed in Bell 206/407 aircraft under STC SR02295LA with GDU Software Version 5.01 or earlier (STC SR02295LA-R Master Drawing List Rev 5 or earlier) are affected.

 GDU 620 software updated from v5.01 to v7.01. This updated software includes the following:

  • Enhanced MFD graphics and terrain resolution
  • New MFD functions:
  • New PDF functions:
  • New powerline alerting when Synthetic Vision is enabled
  • New GDL 69 datalink weather products (Icing, Turbulence, AIREP/PIREP, and Canadian NEXRAD, METARS, Winds Aloft, and TAF)
  • New optional 100 ft radar altitude aural callout

 New interface approvals include the following:

  • GDL 88 ADS-B Transceiver – New ADS-B traffic and FIS-B weather display and control
  • GTS 825/855 traffic system
  • GRA 55/5500, KRA 405B, and Freeflight RA-4500 radar altimeters
  • GDL 69 SXM Datalink
  • GSR 56 Iridium Datalink weather services
  • GTN 650/750 with HTAWS enabled (previously this STC did not allow interface to GTN navigators with HTAWS enabled)

 Issues addressed in this STC amendment:

  • Service Bulletin 1134, which required installation of a Vertical Speed Indicator limitation placard.

  Download 1585A_ASDN