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G5000 System Software V3343.02, FANS 1/A, ACARS, Reactive Windshear for Textron Aviation Inc. Model 560Excel/XLS


G5000-equipped Textron Model 560XL aircraft with System Software Version 3343.00 and 3343.01 are affected.


STC ST01918WI MDL Revision 14


Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion.


STC ST01918WI MDL Rev 14 provides software and hardware updates to support the optional FANS 1/A and ACARS functions for G5000-equipped Textron Aviation Inc. (Cessna) Model 560 Excel/XLS aircraft.

STC ST01918WI MDL Rev 14 also provides the optional Reactive Windshear configuration as opposed to the previously approved standard configuration in the 560XL baseline configuration.

System Software Version 3343.02 provides the following:

    • FANS 1/A and ACARS (Optional)
    • Reactive Windshear (Optional)

Reactive Windshear was included in the 560XL baseline configuration in G5000 System Software Version 3343.01.

Hardware upgrades include the GRS 56 #2 Iridium Transceiver to support FANS 1/A and ACARS functions (Optional).

ASDN Service Bulletin 2130 Rev A