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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

G5 Electronic Flight Instrument Software Version 8.00


G5 systems installed using G5 Part 23 AML STC SA01818WI are affected.


STC SA01818WI MDL Revision 29


Recommended: Compliance with this service bulletin is recommended.


This STC Service Bulletin announces the approval of G5 software version 8.00 which includes the following updates:

    • Supports Smart Glide™ functionality when paired with a GTN™ 6XX/7XX Xi navigator with software v20.23 or later.
    • Provides improved detection and indication of G5 battery failure.
      Supports G5 battery packs 011-03893-00 (Version 1) through 011-03893-02 (Version 3)

Do not load G5 software version 8.00 when the G5 is installed as a standby instrument for a G500 EFIS with GDU 620 displays with software version 7.40 or earlier. GDU™ 620 software version 7.40 and earlier is only compatible with G5 software version 7.30 or earlier. This will be fixed in a future software update.

This amendment to the G5 STC also approves G5 software to be updated independently of G3X™ when the G5 is installed as the standby instrument for a G3X Touch™ EFIS.

Independent software updates will be allowed for future versions after G5 v8.00 and G3X v9.00 are loaded.

ASDN Service Bulletin 22011 Rev A