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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

G3X Touch EFIS Software Version 8.60


G3X Touch systems installed using Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA01899WI are affected.




Recommended: This service bulletin is recommended for certified G3X systems interfaced to a GFC 500 installed per Part 23 AML STC SA01866WI.

For all other installations this STC Service Bulletin is optional and may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion.


This STC Service Bulletin announces the approval of G3X Touch EFIS Software Version 8.60.  G3X Touch EFIS Software Version 8.60 changes can be found here:

For G3X systems installed with a G5 and/or GFC 500, G3X Touch EFIS Software Version 8.60 includes:

  • G5 Software version 6.40 enables display of density altitude (DALT) for certified installations and includes updated GMC 507 and GSA 28 software versions.
  • GMC 507 Software version 2.90 includes more robust monitoring for a missing (broken) AP Disconnect wire during pre-flight test (PFT).
  • GSA 28 Software version 4.50 moves the altitude hold loop processing from the G5 to the GSA 28 to allow the pitch servo to fly to a target altitude. Additionally, it provides more robust monitoring of whether there are two servos with the same strap ID on the CAN network.

ASDN Service Bulletin 2011 Rev A