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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

G1000 NXi Configuration Update to Support Textron Aviation B300 / B300C King Air Heavyweight (16,500 lb MTOW) Aircraft


G1000 NXi systems installed in B300 aircraft with serial numbers FL-584 thru FL-1030 (excluding FL-954 and FL-1010) and B300C Serial Numbers FM-25 thru FM-65 with Textron Heavyweight kit (16,500 lb MTOW) and production B300 / B300C Heavyweight (16,500 lb MTOW) aircraft are affected.


STC SA01535WI-D MDL Rev 22


Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


G1000 NXi System Software 2286.10 includes a configuration update to support B300 and B300C aircraft configured for 16,500 lb MTOW.

ASDN Service Bulletin 20128 Rev A