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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

DME Softkey in Bell 505 G1000H® and G1000H NXi with GFC 600H


GFC 600H systems installed under the GFC 600H Bell 505 STC SR01961WI, Master Drawing List Revisions 1 through 5 in Bell Helicopters Model 505 (trade name Jet Ranger X) are affected.


Optional: This Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion.


The GFC 600H Bell 505 STC Equipment List Rev. 2, specifies the GIFD GFC 600H Option Loader Cards for original G1000H® and G1000H NXi systems. The option loader cards incorrectly configures the KN63 DME as enabled on the GIA RS-485 interface, causing the DME Softkey to show on the PFD. (See attachment linked below for image.)

Service Bulletin 22006 provides instructions on how to disable the DME Softkey on the PFD.

ASDN Service Bulletin 22006 Rev A