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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Approval of GTX 3X5(R) main software version 2.54, GTX 3X5D(R) installation approval, new interfaces, and new models added to the AML


GTX 335/335R/345/345R (GTX 3X5(R)) units installed using Part 23 ADS-B AML STC SA01714WI and EASA STC 10060873 are affected.


STC SA01714WI and EASA STC 10060873


Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


This STC Service Bulletin provides notification of an update to STC SA01714WI and EASA STC 10060873, GTX 33X and GTX 3X5(R) with ADS-B AML STC.  Major details of the update are:

  • Updated GTX 3X5(R) Main software to v2.54 for all models

GTX 3X5(R) Main software 2.54 provides no gain in unit functionality.

  • Added new GTX 3X5D(R) Diversity transponder models
  • Approval of GPS 175/GNC 355 interface
  • Added additional G1000 GDU software versions for Textron Aviation B58 and A36 models

Under this update, the following models were added to STC SA01714WI.

No new G1000 models were added.

Airplane Make (TCDS Holder):  Aviat Aircraft, Inc. (Aviat Aircraft, Inc.)
Airplane Model Designation:  S-1S, S-1T, S-2, S-2A, S-2B, S-2C, S-2S
TCDS Number:  A8SO

ASDN Service Bulletin 1967 Rev B