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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Approval of GTX 3X5(R) main software version 2.52, ADS-B software version 3.12, GPS software version 7.0, new GTX 3X5(R) part number for STC SA01714WI and other misc updates


GTX 335/335R/345/345R (GTX 3X5(R)) units installed using Part 23 ADS-B AML STC SA01714WI are affected.




Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


STC SA01714WI, Master Drawing List revision 12 includes:

  • GTX 3X5(R) main software 2.52
  • ADS-B software version 3.12
  • GPS software version 7.0
  • Added new GTX 345(R) part numbers
  • Added processing of Magnetic Heading from an active traffic source
  • Approval of Gables 7614 Transponder Controller interface
  • Approval of Rockwell Collins CTL-92/CTL-92E Transponder Controller interface
  • Approval of G500/G600TXi interface for display of TIS-A/TIS-B and FIS-B
  • Approval of G5 w/ GAD 29/29B to GTX 3X5(R) interface to provide pressure altitude and airdata
  • Approval of GTS 8XX HSDB Interface

The software versions listed above provide no gain in unit functionality.

ASDN Service Bulletin 1903 Rev A