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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Approval of GTN v6.50, Flight Stream 210 v2.90, Flight Stream 510 v2.40, and GTN COM v2.30 software for AML STC SA02019SE-D Rev B


Added EASA STC 10037574


GTN 6XX/7XX navigators and Flight Stream 210/510 installed using Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA02019SE-D are affected.


STC SA02019SE-D and EASA STC 10037574 MDL Revision 19 (or later FAA-approved version)




AML STC SA02019SE-D and EASA STC 10037574 Master Drawing List (MDL) (005-00533-C0, Rev.19 or later FAA-approved version) includes software updates for the GTN 6XX/7XX, Flight Stream 210, and Flight Stream 510, as specified in the Aviation Service Document Notification (ASDN) linked below.

GTN 6XX/7XX software updates include the following changes:

  • Increased the maximum search-and-rescue orbit pattern radius from 10 NM to 100 NM.
  • Added support for outputting primary flight instrument data to portable devices through the Flight Stream 510.
  • Added support for terrain alerting function including aural and visual alerts and callouts.
  • …And many more…..

ASDN Service Bulletin 1860B