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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Approval of G500/G600 TXi v3.02, Single Turbine Engine Indication System (EIS)


G500/G600 TXi PFD/MFD/EIS display systems installed using Approved Model List (AML) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA02571SE and EASA STC 10064794 are affected.


STC SA02571SE MDL Revision 7 and EASA STC 10064794 MDL Revision 7


Optional: This STC Service Bulletin may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion and is not warranty reimbursable.


MDL revision 7 includes the following changes:

  • TXi software v3.02
  • AHRS software v2.08
  • ADC software v2.07
  • GPS 175/GNX 375 interface approval
  • Collins APS 65 interface approval
  • Added the following aircraft to the Approved Model List:
    • Mitsubishi MU-2 series
    • Airvan10 GA 10
    • Tecnam P2010

The TXi G500/G600 software v3.02 update includes the following changes:

  • EIS support for single engine turbine aircraft equipped with PT-6A engines
  • Exceedance monitoring capability
  • Electrical gauge improvements
  • Additional FIS-B products
  • APS 65 interface support
  • Increased the volume level of the emergency descent audible annunciation
  • Removed the YTRIM annunciation

ASDN Service Bulletin 1952 Rev B