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Aviation Alerts and Advisories

Approval of GTX 3X5(R) main software version 2.12, ADS-B software version 2.10, GTX 33/330 software Version 8.04, new interfaces, and new models added to the AML


GTX 335/335R/345/345R (GTX 3X5(R)) and GTX 33/33D/330/33D (GTX 33X) units installed using Part 23 ADS-B AML STC SA01714WI are affected.


STC SA01714WI MDL Revision 10




AML STC SA01714WI Master Drawing List (MDL) 005-00734-04, Rev. 10 includes:

  • Improved Air/Ground Logic for both GTX 3X5(R) and GTX 33/330
  • Approval of Gables 7534 Transponder Controller interface
  • Approval of MX20/ GMX 200 interface for display of TIS-B and FIS-B
  • Approval of GTX 3X5(R) to GTX 33/330 interface to provide pressure altitude when equipped with a GAE
  • Approval of GIA 63W software version 6.40.1 for ADS-B position source

Under this update, additional aircraft models were added to STC SA01714WI. See the attached Aviation Service Document Notification (ASDN) for details.

Service Bulletin 1804A ASDN