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Monday, July 25

Garmin Seminar Tent 1

8 a.m. — Introduction to the GFC 500 and G3X Autopilot
Garmin experts will walk through the ins and outs of the GFC 500 and G3X Autopilot, and how to best utilize them in your missions.

9 a.m. — Getting Started with Garmin Pilot: Fundamentals for New Users
Learn the fundamentals of Garmin Pilot and how to begin integrating the app into your flying with one of our experts.

10 a.m. — The Best Avionics Upgrades for Your Cirrus
Hear what Garmin is doing to create the best avionics options for your Pre-Perspective Cirrus, and listen to what other experts love about the platforms.

11 a.m. — Glass Panel on a Budget: Tips From a Garmin Expert
Learn about Garmin avionics designed to modernize and advance your cockpit while staying on a budget, including our GI 275, G5, and more.

12 p.m. — Protecting Your Investment: Why You Need Digital Engine Monitoring
Still flying with analog engine instruments? Learn about the latest digital Engine Indication Systems from Garmin and why you should consider upgrading.

1 p.m. — How The GFC 500 Autopilot Can Modernize Your Single Engine Flying
Garmin Autopilot Experts explain the features of the GFC 500, and why putting it in your single-engine airplane can be so advantageous.

2 p.m. — Build Your Plane, Build Your Panel: Garmin Experimental Avionics
Building an Airplane? Hear from an experienced builder how to choose the right Garmin options for your project and mission.

Garmin Seminar Tent 2

8 a.m. — G3X Touch Academy: Planning Your Installation
Understand the basics of designing a G3X Touch system for your aircraft, including which components are required and intial installation planning.

9 a.m. — G3X Touch Academy: Installation Fundamentals - What is Serial Data?
Take a deep dive on system datapath types. How does my system communicate and where does data go? Learn how here.

10 a.m. — G3X Touch Academy: Introduction to Flying With G3X Touch
Familiarize yourself with the basics of flying behind G3X Touch, including various pilot configurable options.

11 a.m. — More Than Just Radios: The Latest Avionics Technologies
Learn about the new technologies that are revolutionizing safety and convenience in aviation, and what you should consider for your aircraft.

12 p.m. — Why GTN Xi is the Right Upgrade From Your GNS 430/530
Understand why GTN Xi is the most powerful avionics upgrade available, and how it can be a simple and quick transition from your GNS system.

1 p.m. — How The GFC 600 Autopilot Can Revolutionize Your Turbine and Multi-Engine Flying
Garmin Autopilot Experts explain the many features and advantages of the GFC 600, and why your turbine or multi-engine can benefit from the platform.

2 p.m. — G3X Touch vs. TXi: Choosing the Right Garmin Flight Display
Gain insight on the similarities and differences between the Garmin G3X Touch and TXi flight displays - and learn which is better suited for your missions.