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Pete McLeod

Professional Race Pilot

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Pete McLeod, world-famous race pilot and self-proclaimed “kid from the bush,” grew up in a small town in northern Canada — fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, playing hockey and flying small bush planes. In 2009, he became the youngest pilot ever to compete in the top-level Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Pete feels at home racing more than 200 mph mere feet from the ground and off the grid in the wilds of Canada — and he’s as passionate about his outdoor adventures as he is about his racing career. When he is not in the race track, he is normally flying toward another adventure.

Youngest pilot ever to compete in Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Fifth place overall 2014 Red Bull Air Race

Pet’s Name

Belle (she’s a 3-pound poodle)

Favourite Book

I’m a bit of a geek about watching and reading weather… so I’m doing that on my iPad when most others would be reading their favourite novel

Favourite Movie

Any adventure movie based on a true story

Favourite food

Fresh walleye I catch in my favourite lake!

Pete’s Favourite Device

TXi Flight Displays

“My aircraft is relatively complex, and I fly it single-pilot IFR in and out of airports and airspace of all sizes and complexity. The technology in my cockpit has made flying single-pilot, multi-[engine]-IFR much more manageable, organized and predictable.”
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