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Clif Pro Team

Professional Cycling Team

Featuring 8 racers from 5 countries, the all-women’s Clif Pro Team competes in elite, UCI mountain bike and cyclocross events worldwide. In addition to working toward championship success, they strive to inspire women around the globe and support promising athletes. Their victories include countless national MTB and cyclocross championships in the U.S., Canada, Italy and the Czech Republic.

4-time UCI MTB World Cup champions

MTB World Championship

2014 XTERRA World Championship

Clif Pro Team

HRF: Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup. My first World Cup race and a course that forced me to conquer


MR: All causes related to protecting the environment. Sports opportunities for youth and people with disabilities

Favourite Prerace Song

KN: The wind in my ears during warmup

Team Mascot

CP: Katerina’s 2 dogs, Lola and Rubi

Team Jokester

KN: Maghalie Rochette

Most Humbling Moment

MR: Having two extremely bad seasons, culminating with a last place at MTB, followed by a DNF in a World Cup, way too many tears and a few very honest and hard conversations with close friends. I guess at that point, I had enough of crying and feeling sorry for myself

The Team’s Favourite Device

Edge® 1000

"This is our favourite for adventuring. We love mapping routes on it and going 5 to 6 hours on our bikes to explore new places without worrying about getting lost."
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