Seven Garmin Mapping Options for All of Your Outdoor Adventures

However you explore the outdoors, Garmin has a premium mapping solution to fit your needs.

When you head out on a new outdoor adventure, you only want to focus on the beauty of nature, the sound of the wind in the trees and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. You don’t want to worry about getting lost or sidetracked.

That’s where Garmin premium outdoor maps come in. Beyond merely guiding the way, Garmin outdoor maps offer rich mapping detail, fresh location data and ever-important peace of mind, allowing adventurers to disconnect from the digital noise while staying connected to their Garmin device of choice.

Whether you love hiking, running or cycling out on the trails — or if you’re into hunting, diving, fishing or any other outdoor pursuit — Garmin has a mapping solution customized to your specific passion. Join us as we go in depth about the Garmin maps that are available to you and how they can elevate your outdoor adventures.

1. TopoActive Maps for Hiking and Trail Running

Do you love hiking or trail running? Maybe both? Take outdoor mapping to the next level with TopoActive, preloaded topographic maps that come with many of our outdoor products such as the fēnix® smartwatches or a rugged GPS handheld, including the button-operated GPSMAP® 67 series or the versatile Montana® 700 series with touchscreen. Available with multiple options worldwide, TopoActive maps provide road-routable maps with turn-by-turn guidance to your destination.

TopoActive maps feature detail for summits, national parks, local parks, coastlines, lakes, rivers and points of interest of all kinds, including streets and trails, restaurants and bars, parking and more. These multiuse maps, which are based on the community-generated OpenStreetMap™ database1, are optimized specifically for outdoor activities.

If you’re looking for even higher detail in your maps, then the Outdoor Maps+ annual plan could be right for you. The one-year subscription plan allows you to explore freely with enhanced TOPO maps and more. They are updated regularly and delivered directly to your compatible Garmin device via Wi-Fi® connectivity.

Outdoor Maps+ gives you access to loads of adventure features, hunting and marine features, high-resolution satellite imagery, high-definition relief shading, detailed raster maps and more.

2. Maps for Cycling

Garmin has mapping options and a variety of mapping features for cyclists for use around the world. With a compatible Garmin Edge® device, cyclists can get routing-capable preloaded cycle maps with searchable points of interest, turn-by-turn directions and ride-specific mapping. The Garmin Edge® 540 and Edge® 840 series cycling computers, in particular, come with preloaded mapping and Trailforks trail content — looking at you, mountain bikers — so you can be on the lookout for routes and trail details from anywhere that suits your needs. What’s more, with the Edge 540 and 840 series, you can swap maps for free from any of our global maps via your Garmin Express™ account.

3. Maps for Hunting

You bet we also have mapping capabilities for those who love to hunt. With a couple of offerings to consider, too. Know the lay of the land with an Outdoor Maps+ subscription, which comes with parcel maps, public land maps and hunting units, satellite imagery and more for all 50 states. Or you can select Garmin HuntView™ Plus Maps, featuring similar content that’s sold by state and can be downloaded or purchased as a preloaded SD™ card.

4. Maps for Skiing

Ready to hit the slopes with Garmin? Enhance your situational awareness with the SkiView™ resort maps on compatible Garmin devices. With more than 2,000 preloaded ski resorts worldwide, you can view run names and difficulty ratings — all viewable at a glance for each run. Bundle up with a new sense of clarity at your favorite ski resort’s slopes.

5. Maps for Golfing

Are you looking for a new excuse to set up a tee time? With a compatible Garmin golf watch, gain access to more than 43,000 preloaded golf course maps — full-color CourseView maps, to be exact. So go ahead and set that tee time, download your favorite golf courses (if not already loaded) and hit ’em straight.

6. Maps for Diving

Don’t let your adventures be confined to land. If you’re taking a deep dive into the ocean, you’ll be glad to have DiveView™ maps at your disposal — available with the Garmin Descent™ Mk3i dive smartwatch. With more than 4,000 dive sites in coastal waters, preloaded DiveView maps with bathymetry allow divers to discover and learn new dive spots right on their wrists before their dives. This transparent map layer is overlaid on existing TopoActive regional maps. 

Looking for specific dive spots like a shipwreck or a spearfishing hot spot? With DiveView maps, view detailed color maps of bathymetric depth contours and understand the underwater terrain you’re exploring.

7. Maps for Boating

Whether you’re boating on your favorite lake or exploring saltwaters, we have top-tier marine mapping options for your boat.

If you own a Garmin chartplotter such as the GPSMAP® 9000 series or the ECHOMAP™ Ultra 2 series, you can get Garmin Navionics+™ charts built in for detail-rich marine mapping with coastal and inland coverage, access to daily updates and more. And you have the option to upgrade to Garmin Navionics Vision+™  for even more mapping benefits. It is the No. 1 name in marine mapping2 for a reason.

Take Garmin Everywhere

With Garmin, your mapping solutions go wherever you do. If you’re on foot or the water, our maps seamlessly integrate with your favorite devices. From fēnix smartwatches to the GPSMAP 67 handheld, your next adventure is just a glance away. Whether you’re traversing mountain trails or sailing the open seas, let Garmin be your guide.

1Limitations may exist in map data for some road and trail route suggestions. Always defer to all posted road signs and conditions during vehicle operation. Garmin products using OpenStreetMap data are intended to be used only as supplementary travel aid.
2Based on 2023 reported sales.
Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
OpenStreetMap is a trademark of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, and is used with their permission. This product is not endorsed by or affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation.