Enduro Introduces New Training and Recovery Features for Endurance Athletes

Garmin’s new Enduro ultraperformance multisport GPS watch is built for the longest races. Designed with endurance athletes in mind, Enduro™ sports a Power Glass™ solar charging lens and customizable power management modes — so you’ll get weeks of battery life to take advantage of the most advanced training and recovery features. 

As an endurance athlete, we know you’re resilient, determined, consistent and disciplined. And to get into peak competition shape, it’s vital that you pay close attention to your training regimen, nutrition and hydration, and sleep and recovery, along with a host of other performance data indicators. The new Enduro watch features several training and recovery tools for ultrarunning that are designed specifically for unremitted race conditions. And thanks to that extended battery life, we bet you’ll wear out before your Enduro does.

Trail Run VO2 Max:

Cardiorespiratory fitness, measured in terms of VO2 max, reflects your aerobic performance capacity. Until now, attempting to assess VO2 max in challenging conditions typically resulted in fitness levels being underestimated. The latest generation of analysis used to provide VO2 max introduced significant improvements that make accurate fitness assessment possible under the rugged and often changing terrain of trail running. Now you’ll know your VO2 max fitness level, performance condition and training status after a trail run activity, with a full range of metrics and insights available.

ClimbPro Trail Enhancements:

ClimbPro is designed to help manage effort by showing climbs for the course and their location, length and gradient. For individual climbs, a dedicated screen automatically appears as you approach a climb, showing the distance, ascent and average gradient remaining. For additional safety and awareness, ClimbPro trail enhancements will provide the same information in real time for descents and flats on the course.

Ultrarun Activity:

Rather than selecting a run or trail run activity, we’ve added an ultrarun activity profile to Enduro that includes a built-in rest timer. If you’re running in an ultra race or marathon, you’ll be able to utilize the rest timer and log the time spent at aid stations — so later on, you’ll be able to see exactly when you were running and when you weren’t.                  

Battery Life:

Enduro is built with a Power Glass solar charging lens that harvests the power of the sun to extend battery life. It also features customizable power management modes, so runners and cyclists can quickly adjust settings to get the longest battery life on a Garmin smartwatch to date. A full charge will get an athlete 70 hours in GPS mode, which is extended to 80 hours with solar capabilities. (Assumes all-day wear with three hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions.)

UltraFit Nylon Strap:

New to Enduro, the UltraFit strap features dual hook-and-loop fasteners for ultimate comfort, trusted performance and superior durability. Extremely lightweight (less than 6 grams), breathable, easily adjustable and durable, the elastic, antimicrobial nylon weave provides soft comfort while allowing moisture to escape.

Ready to hit the trail? With Enduro you’re all set to start running. And running. And running.